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Custom Blends

Malabar Super Spice’s consistent, affordable alternative to blending your own spices. 

Malabar Super Spice has a long history of creating custom spice blends for a wide variety of consumers. We are known for creating consistent products that save our clients’ time and resources – many customers report that it is more affordable to purchase our spice blends than it would be to create the blends themselves.

We have a state-of-the-art dry blending facility with the open capacity to support innovation and development for our clients. We are flexible in our ability to provide specially made functional blends, seasonings, and premixes with complete nutritional and label information support. Our facilities are BRC AA certified and we uphold the highest food safety standards while maintaining allergen control.

All blend recipes submitted by clients are protected by a non-disclosure agreement and kept in strict confidence. Chefs and retailers across the country trust Malabar with their seasoning blends. Though many customers come to us with their own recipes, some do not and we are happy to work with you to create a new recipe for a custom blend to suit your needs.

We deliver high quality blends with bolder, cleaner, and more complex flavours.


Copy of your recipe

½ cup sample of your recipe
( visual and taste comparison)

Non disclosure agreement signed by both parties.


MOQ is 250kg/year. 50kg per production of each blend. If
development is created and after 12 months it doesn’t hit the
250kg minimum, it will be discontinued or increase pricing for
year 2.

PW minimum size 10kg or 25kg bags

Product Development fee schedule:

$50/ hr to a max fee of $500
Includes 3 test samples, 3 revisions and nutritionals.
Over 500kg per year P&D is waved
Should the blend meet 750kgs+ / year. Customer can claim back 50%
of the development fee as a credit on account.

Should you provide a full recipe with %’s and no development or
tweaks needed Flat fee of $150 for volumes under 500kg. Over
500kg the fee is waived.

Should we need to bring in an unique ingredient for your blends, you
will be invoiced for the entire cost of that ingredient, and we will
hold in stock as consignment for future orders

Contact us for more details!!

Unit 1 – 3570 Platinum Drive, Mississauga, ON.