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Treating Natural Casings with BOMBAL®

Bombal® can be used to treat natural casings for the purpose of extending shelf life of the finished product whether it is fresh or cooked.



Make a 5% solution i.e.; by weighing 95 pounds of water and 5 pounds of Bombal.

Before adding Bombal® to the water, vigorously stir the water and keep it moving while Bombal® is being added. Bombal® is very water soluble and if it is added to non-agitated water it may become very lumpy and difficult to dissolve in

The processor may also add 1% of phosphate (Ultra Phos P) to the water as this will partially eliminate “after sag” in the natural casing and may increase the amount of emulsion that can be stuffed into the casing by as much as 10 to 15% thus reducing the cost of natural casing.

Agitate the water with Bombal® for five minutes to make certain all solids are dissolved.

Rinse all salt or saline solution from the casing

Place the rinsed casing into the 5% Bombal® solution immediately before stuffing, for a minimum of five minutes. Casing must be totally submerged.

After stuffing proceed as normal to hanging/chilling, or cooking/chilling

Finished product will need to include sodium acetate, salt, and sodium diacetate on the ingredient statement.