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Tag: Hog

Preparing Natural Casings

For casings packed in salt: Step 1: Rinse salt from casings with fresh water. Step 2: Soften by soaking in fresh water at room temperature approximately 21ºC (70ºF) for 45 minutes to one hour. When hanks are placed in water, gently hand massage them to separate the strands and prevent dry spots, which may adversely affect the […]

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Hog Casings

    Hog Casings (100 yards / bundle) All hog casings are available salted or in tubed strands for ease of stuffing. Whisker free casings are available by special order. Hog casings available by the bundle, pail or barrel.     Size & Type Usage One Bundle Stuffs (Approx) 29/32 salted for Breakfast Sausage, Farmers […]

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