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Tag: Danisco

Maturation Starter Cultures from Danisco

Danisco is world renowned for excellence in maturation starter cultures that are key to fermented sausage production. Malabar is the exclusive distributor of Danisco’s starter cultures in Canada, Malabar offers the following approved cultures: TEXEL® SP-Elite  #7213   Is a freeze-dried maturation starter especially developed for texturizing, colouring, flavouring as well as competing with contamination flora in […]

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Troubleshooting Guide – Fermented Meats

  TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE – FERMENTED MEATS Problem Possible Cause Slow Fermentation Frozen culture allowed to thaw and subsequently held too long before dispensing into meat. Microorganisms exhaust nutrients and can reduce pH, lowering culture ‘activity’. Environmental temperatures/humidity (min. 80%) during fermentation inconsistent with recommended culture optimum. Secondary growth in meat of contaminant microorganism producing end-product […]

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Using Lactic Acid Starter Culture

USING LACTIC ACID STARTER CULTURE Our Danisco TEXEL® SP-Elite starter culture is a fast fermenting culture well suited for all fermented sausages for which fast acidification is desired. A minimum temperature of 20’C for at least 48 hours is required, to allow for the mild aroma development as well as a stable colour. We have […]

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