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Tag: Casings

Treating Natural Casings with BOMBAL®

Bombal® can be used to treat natural casings for the purpose of extending shelf life of the finished product whether it is fresh or cooked.   Procedure; Make a 5% solution i.e.; by weighing 95 pounds of water and 5 pounds of Bombal. Before adding Bombal® to the water, vigorously stir the water and keep […]

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Preparing Natural Casings

For casings packed in salt: Step 1: Rinse salt from casings with fresh water. Step 2: Soften by soaking in fresh water at room temperature approximately 21ºC (70ºF) for 45 minutes to one hour. When hanks are placed in water, gently hand massage them to separate the strands and prevent dry spots, which may adversely affect the […]

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More About ….. Natural Casings

What are the Special Qualities of Natural Casings? Natural Casings readily permit deep smoke penetration. Natural Casings have excellent characteristics of elasticity and tensile strength, to allow for high efficiency production and expansion during filling. Natural Casings protect the fine flavour of sausage, without contributing any conflicting flavouring of their own. Natural Casing Sausage has […]

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