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Sure Cure and Dry Cure Units


Cure units consist mainly of salt, and sodium nitrate and/or sodium nitrite. Additional ingredients may include sugar, sodium erythorbate/ascorbate, phosphates, and flavours.

Canadian regulations are very specific on the usage levels allowed for nitrates/nitrites in meat products, and should be thoroughly understood before beginning the curing process. Malabar is happy to help you understand, and implement, these regulations in making your products.

To the best of our knowledge, the above information is accurate and reliable, and is offered solely for consideration and assistance without any warranty or guarantee.
Dry & Semi Dry Cure Unit  MALDSDCUR-200  ( Prague Powder #2 )   
Usage: Use 5 oz cure per 100 lb meat or 310 g per 100 kg meat. Add a minimum of 2 kg salt per 100 kg meat.
Sure Cure    7603  ( Prague Powder #1)
Usage: For 100lb(45.36 kg) of emulsion use 4-5oz (115-140 g) Sure Cure, 5oz (140g) dextrose, 2 oz (57g) sodium erythorbate, plus salt as required. For brine formulations, ensure no more than 200ppm nitrite in finished product with the exception of bacon products where no more than 120ppm nitrite is allowed in the finished product.
Total Sure Cure    MALTSC-001
Usage: Pumping: 12kg to 100L of water, or 12lb to 10gal of water, pump 15-20%. Cover pickle: 4kg to 100L of water plus 6kg of salt or 4lb to 10gal of water plus 6lb of salt. Dry cure: 2kg to 100kg of meat, or 2lb to 100lb of meat.