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Maturation Starter Cultures from Danisco



Danisco is world renowned for excellence in maturation starter cultures that are key to fermented sausage production. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Danisco's starter cultures in Canada.

3 Functions of Meat Cultures

1. Acidification & Inhibition: Lactobacilli, Pediococci. Helps to produce lactic acid. Inhibits growth of undesirable microbes. It lowers PH for fixation of nitric oxide with myoglobin.

2. Reducing & Flavouring: Staphylococci. To reduce nitrate to nitrite. The catalase activity degrades peroxide, thus preventing off flavours, greening and rancidity.

3. Flavouring: Yeast. Use lactic acid as food source, finish product has a mild less acidic taste.  Proteolytic & lipolytic enzymes to improve flavour.

If you have any questions regarding starter cultures and how to use them, call us we would be happy to help.

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Natured LT Texel Starter Culture (100kg) 7255each
SP 362 Texel Starter Culture (500kg) 7240each
SP Elite Starter Culture (200kg) 7213each
Starter Culture DCM-1 (1000kg) (Special Order) 7246each
Starter Culture DCM-1 (100kg) (Special Order) 7247each
Starter Culture Holdbac 131 (Special Order) 7218each
Starter Culture Lyoflore 2M (Special Order) 7244each
Starter Culture SA 241 (200kg) (Special Order) 7242each
Starter Culture SA306 (200kg) (Special Order) 7214each
Surface Culture Neo 2000 (Special Order) 7241each