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Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables


Dehydrated vegetables, with their harder texture and wizened forms, might not be your first vegetable choice, but drying vegetables is a safe, low-fat and long-lasting method of preserving them. One of the greatest benefits is that the nutritional content of dehydrated veggies is left relatively unchanged, so you can use them to help meet your daily vegetable intake of 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day.

Dehydration preserves the full dietary fiber content of the vegetables, ensuring they remain a high-fiber food choice.

Quick energy, dried fruit is very calorically dense. Because the fruit loses water during the drying process, the nutrient, calorie, and sugar content become more concentrated.

For granulated or powdered garlic and onion ... please see our spices and herbs product page.

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Apple Nuggets 5002kg
Beet Powder (Special Order) 8000kg
Blueberries Dried (whole, low moisture) 5052kg
Celery Cross Cut 1/8" 2141kg
Celery Seed, ground 2211kg
Celery Seed, whole 2011kg
Cranberries Dried Diced 5045kg
Garlic Flakes 2130kg
Garlic Granulated 21332.5kg / 25kg
Garlic Minced, Chinese 2135kg
Garlic Powder 22322.5kg / 22.68kg
Jalapeno Flakes 1/4 5085kg
Jalapeno Mix (Blend of Jalapeno & Bell Pepper Flakes) RA005191kg
Jalapeno Powder (Special Order) 221322.68kg
Juniper Berries Whole 2039kg
Leek Flakes (green & white) (Special Order) 23607kg
Lemon Peel 5063kg
Lemon Powder 5163kg
Lime Powder 5171kg
Onion Flakes Chopped 2059kg
Onion Flakes Toasted 2161kg
Onion Granulated 2159kg
Onion Green minced 2359kg
Onion Minced 2160kg
Onion Powder 22592.5kg / 22.68kg
Orange Peel -8/+40 5075kgs
Orange Peel Diced 5076kgs
Pepper Flakes Green Bell 3/8 5079kg
Pepper Flakes Green Granules -8+20 5179kg
Pepper Flakes Red Bell 3/8 5080kg
Pepper Flakes Red Granules -8+40 5180kg
Spinach Powder 5082kg
Tomato Flakes 5088kg
Tomato Powder 5083kg
Tomato Sun Dried 1/8 x 1/8 5187kg

Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables