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Specialty Blends and Meat Formulations

Speciality Blends and Meat Formulations


Specialty meat products may be unique to specific countries or regions, or may include a unique spice or flavour combination. Specialty meats are not usually found in the large national grocery chain stores, but rather in the local delicatessen or butcher shop.


All Made to order Blends ( MTO ) - lead time of 10-20 business days and a minimum of 10kg


Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Donair Binder ( no seasoning ) MALDONB-90210kg - MTO
Donair Seasoning and Binder MALDSB-00110kg / 25kg *Stock
Donair Seasoning w/rice binder - NON Gluten MALDON-50010kg - MTO
Donair Spicy Seasoning w/binder MALDSB-00510kg / 20kg - MTO
Meatloaf Seasoning Coarse MALCMS-0432kg - MTO
Pizza Loaf Unit MALPLU-0022kg - MTO

Deli Meat Seasoning and Brine Units

Deli Meat Seasoning and Pump Units


Any MTO ( made to order ) blends has a lead time of 10-20 business days with a minimum order of 10kgs

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Black Forest Ham Pump MALBF-00118kg *Stock Blend
Black Forest Ham Pump - Reduced Salt MALBFR-21614kg *Stock Blend
Bologna Binder & Cure MALWBO-5366.34kg - MTO
Bologna Seasoning MALBOLS-0152kg - MTO
Cajun Bacon Pump MALBCAJ-00110kg - MTO
California Ham Spice MALCHS-00125kg *Stock Blend
California Ham Spice Gourmet MALGCS-06015kg - MTO
California Ham Spice w/sugar MALCHS-0022kg - MTO
Cooked Ham Pump MALHAM-00515kg *Stock Blend
Corned Beef Seasoning and Cure Unit MALCBC-0032 x 7kg - MTO
Honey Ham Pump 30% MALHHU-03022kg - MTO
Maple Ham Cure Unit MALMHU-3307.80kg - MTO
Montreal Smoked Meat Pump MALMSMP-0373.63kg *Stock Blend
Montreal Smoked Meat Seasoning (no salt/phosphate added) MALMSMS-0012kg - MTO
Pastrami Seasoning w/Cure Unit MALPSC-0015kg - MTO
Roast Beef Pump - Low Salt MALRBP-3954 x 1.27kg - MTO
Roast Beef Pump - No Soy MALRBPNS-05410kg - MTO
Roast Beef Pump 25% MALRBP-0013.5kg - MTO
Roast Beef Pump Ultra MALURBP-1113kg (25%) / 2.5kg (30%) - MTO
Seasoned Beef Pump 30% MALBFP-0303.35kg *MTO
Turkey Roast Injection Unit - 47% MALTRIU-2164.64kg *MTO
Turkey Roast Pump w/cure MALTURK-0037.98kg (40%) / 8.35kg (30%) *MTO