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Liver Sausage Seasoning

Liver Sausage Seasoning


Liver sausage and liver pate are products that are manufactured by processors around the world, but their popularity varies by culture and country. Liver sausage and pate are usually produced from pork, but chicken or beef can also be used. Added seasonings will compliment well with liver, and you may consider brandy flavours, pepper, cardamom, mace and ginger.

Stock Blends are packed in 2kg bags

All Made to order Blends ( MTO ) - lead time of 10-20 business days and a minimum of 10kg ( 5x2kg / 10kg )

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Liver Sausage Coarse Spice HIBCCL-0012kg - MTO
Liver Sausage Fine Spice HIBCLS-0012kg - MTO