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Salami Seasoning Blends

Salami Seasoning Blends


The manufacture of fermented sausage represents a combination of art and science to produce a unique class of products. These sausages are characterized by a higher lactic acid content, resulting from the microbial fermentation of added sugar by lactic acid bacteria, either naturally present or added in the form of starter culture.

Stock Blends are packed in 2kg bags

All Made to order Blends ( MTO ) - lead time of 10-20 business days and a minimum of 10kg ( 5x2kg / 10kg )

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Alpini Salami Seasoning MALALNI-8192kg - MTO
Beef Salami Seasoning MALBSS-0012kg - MTO
Fennel Salami Seasoning MALFSL-3202kg - MTO
Genoa Salami Seasoning MALGENS-0452kg - MTO
German Salami Seasoning MALGERS-0472kg - MTO
Mustard Seed Salami Seasoning MALMSSU-0572kg - MTO
Salami Hungarian Spice MALHUNGS-0272kg - MTO
Wine Salami Seasoning MALWSS-0022kg - MTO