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Jerky Seasoning

Jerky Seasoning


Beef Jerky originates from the dried meats prepared by native Americans to suit their nomadic lifestyle. The cowboys then adopted this snack food as it was easy to store in their saddlebags. Traditionally, beef jerky is manufactured from lean muscle tissue from the hind leg (topside meat, or inside/outside rounds or briskets), and may be produced using a combination of curing, smoking and drying procedures.

Stock Blends are packed in 2kg bags

All Made to order Blends ( MTO ) - lead time of 10-20 business days and a minimum of 10kg ( 5x2kg / 10kg )

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
BBQ Jerky Seasoning BBQBJ-0013.76kg - MTO
BBQ Jerky Seasoning and Cure MALBBJ-1427kg - MTO
Cajun Jerky Seasoning CAJBJ-0013.90kg - MTO
Honey Garlic Jerky Seasoning MALHGJER-0363.35kg - MTO
Hot and Sweet Jerky Seasoning MALHSJ-9116.33kg - MTO
Jerky Seasoning MALBJ-001A3.35kg *Stock Blend
Jerky Seasoning w/cure MALSBJ-2416.73kg - MTO
Steak Jerky Seasoning Unit MALMJS-33525x4.10kg - MTO
Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning MALTJP-0022kg *Stock Blend
Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning w/Cure MALTJS-2475.77kg - MTO