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Non Gluten / Non Allergen Seasonings and Binders

Non Gluten / Non Allergen Seasonings & Binders


Our non - gluten binders are made with Toasted Rice Crumb and is safe for all non - gluten diets.

Stock Blends are packed in 10kg bags

All Made to order Blends ( MTO ) - lead time of 10 business days and a minimum of 10kg

Available Products

ProductProduct CodeType (UOM)
Andouille Sausage MALANB-75910 x 1.13kg - MTO
Apple Cranberry Sausage MALACSR-20210 x 1.17kg - MTO
Beef Fresh Sausage w/ non gluten binder Unit MALBEF-70010 x 860g - MTO
Bratwurst Sausage MALOCB-72010kg - MTO
Chorizo Mexican Sausage Seasoning Binder MALCZB-80110kg - MTO
Crumb Rice Binder - Non Gluten 149022.68kg * Stock
Crumb Rice Breading - Non Gluten 149320kg *Stock
Fresh Sausage Binder - No Allergens MALFSNA-33310kg - MTO
Fresh Sausage Binder Pea & Rice - Non Gluten MALFSPR-12310kg - MTO
Honey Garlic Sausage MALBHG-20410kg - MTO
Honey Garlic Sausage w/Soy MALHGFB-90210kg - MTO
Italian Hot Sausage MALHISG-90110kg - MTO
Italian Mild Sausage MALMISR-30310kg - MTO
Sundried Tomato & Basil Sausage MALSDT-20010kg - MTO