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Nu-Tek Salt sample request

To Request a Sample of Nu-Tek Salt or Speak with a Technical Specialist:
We look forward to helping you with your low-sodium product re-formulation. In order to help, we need a little information:
Phone: (inc. area code)
Where are you at with
sodium in your products?
No current plans to reduce sodium
Still doing our research
Testing products
Currently producing sodium reduced products
What sodium-reducing
options have you tried?
Just using less salt
Additional spices & seasonings with less salt
Using umami flavours
Traditional potassium chloride or calcium chloride salts
Would you like to have a Technical Specialist speak with you about replacing sodium?
Are you interested in a sample of Nu-Tek Salt Replacer?  yes  no
We’ll contact you shortly – would you prefer we contact you via email, or via telephone?  email  phone

We will be in touch with you shortly! We look forward to working with you!