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New Investors to Help Position Malabar Super Spice Company for Strategic Growth

Canadian Investors promise an even brighter future for the company and its employees

Posted May 8, 2017

Canadian Investors promise an even brighter future for the company and its employees

Burlington, ON, May 4, 2017: Malabar Super Spice President Doris Valade has announced the onboarding of new Canadian investors as part of the company’s long-term strategic growth plan. The transaction, which closed January 31st, 2017, is designed to ensure a bright future for the Malabar team and its many long-time customers.

Valade was quoted as saying, “Business will continue as usual and I will continue to lead Malabar as President. All of our valued team members will remain in their current roles. We will, however, add to our team of technical specialists in the areas of food process technology and food safety so that we can further enhance the innovation and strong support our customers expect. At Malabar, it has never been about ‘just selling our products’; innovative product development backed by superior customer service have long been a point of pride with us”.

About Malabar: Malabar has been servicing the meat/poultry/food processing industry in Canada with high quality spices and seasoning blends since 1982. The company has kept pace with Canada’s changing demographics and consumer tastes. Along with product development, Malabar also provides technical and regulatory support. Its long-standing involvement in trade associations, including the Canadian Meat Council, Food and Beverage Ontario and OIMP, ensure that Malabar remains a strong and vibrant voice within the industry, which translates to customers well served.


Doris Valade