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More about ….. Potassium Lactate

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Potassium Lactate

  1. What is it?
    Potassium Lactate is a colourless liquid derived from lactic acid ( lactic acid is not derived from dairy therefore, no allergen issues), a commonly used biological acid that is naturally present in animal tissue.
  2. How do I use it?
    Potassium Lactate is a 60% concentrated solution that is added directly to the cutter or to the brine. It is water-soluble and easy to work in.
  3. What products can I use it in?
    Potassium Lactate is an effective option for:
    a) Cooked/Uncured products, i.e. turkey/chicken breast, roast beef, bratwurst, and cooked marinated products.
    b) Cooked/Cured Products, i.e. ham, wieners, corned beef, smoked sausages. Lactates cannot yet be used with fresh or uncooked meat or poultry at this time.
  4. How much do I use in my finished product?
    Typical usage levels  3% to the finished product.
    i.e. 3 lb. in 100 lb. of finished emulsion, or for 100 kg of brine at a 40% pump, add 11.0 kg of Potassium Lactate.
  5. What will Potassium Lactate do for my products?
    Potassium Lactate can dramatically increase shelf life in a wide range of meat and poultry products. It also offers limited protection even if the product is abused or held at room temperature.Potassium Lactate inhibits microbial growth and oxidative changes. The use of Potassium Lactate offers control against many pathogens found in refrigerated food products. It exhibits antimicrobial properties against Clostridium botulinum, Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria monocytogenes. Because of its hygroscopisity, Potassium Lactate also has a positive effect on a products water holding capacity, which may result in less purge, a higher cook yield and an improved texture for cooked product.
  6. Why Potassium Lactate?
    Potassium Lactate is an excellent alternative as a salt substitute for low sodium applications because it has functionality similar to salt, strong water binding properties and bacterial control.
    It also has no off flavours typically associated with potassium products.
To the best of our knowledge, the above information, and is offered solely for consideration and assistance without any warranty or guarantee.