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Meat and Poultry Nets

Netting for Meats & Poultry

We provide a wide range of polyester elasticized meat netting in the traditional square pattern.

This netting is suitable for the smoking, boiling, steaming and roasting of meat and poultry products (smoked, cured, fresh or roasted).

Our Pesente Netting is manufactured with 2 strands of latex for a high compression stocking net for compressing and shaping meat products. The compressive effect reduces air pockets within the meat product. This is ideal for air-dried and cured meats.

Pesente netting stock sizes are: #12 #18 #20 #22 #24

We also recommend our 5-stitch and 6-stitch netting for poultry products. (This netting is not as tight, and therefore ‘cuts’ less into the meat).

Stock sizes include:

#18 – 5-stitch #24 – 5-stitch #24 – 6-stitch

Additional sizes are available by special order.

All of our polyester nettings are approved for use in all registered food establishments.

Our most popular netting is the 3-stitch, with stock sizes ranging from 16 to 24.
All rolls are 50 meters in length.

Please refer to our sizing chart below for order details.

Sizing Chart

Size (standard 3-stitch)
16 18 20 22 24
Stuffing Diameter (inches) 5 1/2 6 6 1/2 7 7 1/2

Common Meat Products & Typical Netting Sizes

Size 16 18 20 22 24
Boneless Boston Chuck Roast
Boneless Rump Roast
Heel of Round
Split Top or Bottom Round
Top or Bottom Round
Sirloin Tip
Leg of Veal
Veal Shoulder
Leg of Lamb
Lamb Shoulder
Fresh Hams
Pork Butts
Rolled Picnics
Semi-Boneless Hams
Smoked Hams Boneless
Boneless Turkey Roast – large
Boneless Turkey Roast – small