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Maturation Starter Cultures from Danisco

Danisco is world renowned for excellence in maturation starter cultures that are key to fermented sausage production.

Maturation Starter Cultures from DaniscoMalabar is the exclusive distributor of Danisco’s starter cultures in Canada, Malabar offers the following approved cultures:

TEXEL® SP-Elite  #7213   Is a freeze-dried maturation starter especially developed for texturizing, colouring, flavouring as well as competing with contamination flora in meat applications.
It’s ideal for the production of dried, fermented, cured meats, smoked cured meats i.e. small to large calibre salami type sausages manufactured in short processes.
(Available in a 20g pouch for 200kg meat batch.)

TEXEL® SP-362 #7240 – This starter culture allows for rapid texturizing speed, and is great for snack salamis with a balanced, tangy, North European flavour. (Available in a 100g pouch for 500kg meat batch.)

TEXEL® SA-306 – #7214   Capable of rapid acidification for shorter maturation time with an appealing colour and perfect texture. (Available in a 20g pouch for 200kg meat batch)

TEXEL® SA-241 – #7242  Provides excellent and stable colour with a moderate acidifying power ideal for small to medium calibre dry sausages (e.g. Chorizo).
(Available in a 20g pouch for 200kg meat batch.)

HOLDBACTM 131#7218  With outstanding natural ability to inhibit specific contamination flora (Listeria), combined with enhanced nitrate/nitrite reduction.
(Available in a 50g pouch for 100kg meat batch.)

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For more details on Danisco Starter Cultures approved in Canada:

Danisco Starter Cultures for Dry Fermented Sausage Applications


TEXEL® Starter Cultures


Flavour Type

(19-25° C)



Special Benefits

“German-type” Salami Product with tangy acid taste Very rapid acidification TEXEL®SA-306 Lactobacilli
Very good combination of processing speed and flavour richness
Product with balanced acid flavour Rapid acidification TEXEL®SP-Elite Pediococci
Especially suited for very fast and higher temperature processes (25-35°C)
Italian salami Product with mild acidity & aromatic flavour Medium acidification
Low temperature
TEXEL®SA-241 Lactobacilli
Superior and very fast colour development (even at low temp), particularly beneficial in low temp process and for large caliber sliced products
Pure muscle, ground meat, fresh  and spreadable sausage HOLDBACTM131 S. carnosus
L. plantarum
PROTECTIVE CULTURE specific inhibition of Listeria

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