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Hog Casings



Hog Casings (100 yards / bundle) All hog casings are available salted or in tubed strands for ease of stuffing. Whisker free casings are available by special order. Hog casings available by the bundle, pail or barrel.



Size & Type Usage One Bundle Stuffs (Approx)
29/32 salted for Breakfast Sausage, Farmers Sausage 99lbs
32/35 salted for Fresh Sausage, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage 105-115lbs
32/34 salted for Fresh Sausage, Bratwurst 105-115lbs
35/38 salted for Debrecziener, Knockwurst, Pepperoni 115-126lbs
38/40 salted for Country Style Sausage, Pepperoni 126-132lbs
40/42 salted for Kielbasa, Pepperoni 135-141lbs
45+ salted for Specialty large sausage 150lbs

Natural Casings - Hog
Hog, Beef & Sheep illustrations have been reprinted with permission of the International Natural Sausage Casing Association

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