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The longer your sausages remain fresh in deli case, the more valuable it is for a retailer. Revolutionary rosemary-based Herbalox established the standard for natural oxidation-inhibiting products.

It is a rosemary oleoresin with the flavour and aroma removed.  With its light brown colour it can be used in any type of meat product without giving the finished product the pungent flavour and aroma of rosemary.  It is the most versatile product since it works in both water and oil.  Herbalox is added to meat at 0.2% of the finished weight or 2 grams per kg of meat. Herbalox added to ground beef, then stored frozen at -15o F will have an 8 month shelf life without any changes to the flavour, texture, colour and aroma.  Herbalox added to ground beef, then stored refrigerated, will last 15 days without any changes to the meat.

To the best of our knowledge, the above information is accurate and reliable but is offered solely for consideration and assistance without any warranty or guarantee.

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