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Garlic Extra – Concentrated Liquid Garlic


The better way to buy garlic – Why?

GARLIC EXTRA is a superior garlic extract with BETTER, MORE NATURAL TASTE that’s just like fresh-peeled garlic.


  • long-lasting,
  • stable garlic flavour,
  • standardized quality,
  • reduced bacteria count,

Results in vast labour savings for your operation.

GARLIC EXTRA is thermo-stable, freezer stable, and microwave stable, and manufactured in Germany by RAPS.

Available in 1kg and 10kg pack sizes. If you want more information, contact us!!

Choose GARLIC EXTRA for the best in natural garlic flavour standardized and concentrated.

1kg  GARLIC EXTRA   = 15 Fresh Garlic Cloves   = 6kg Garlic Granulated   = 5kg Garlic Powder