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Pump and Cure Units

Modern meat curing and smoking practices are used primarily to create flavour, enhance colour, and for food safety, for example, to prevent botulism.

Malabar can provide you with the cure you require, as well as the advice and know-how you want in order to cure your products efficiently and successfully.

To the best of our knowledge, the above information is accurate and reliable, and is offered solely for consideration and assistance without any warranty or guarantee.
Bacon Pump Unit          MALBPU-021
Usage: Use entire unit, 12.43 kg to 200L of water. Add 18 kg of salt and mix thoroughly. Pump 18%.
Black Forest Ham Pump     MALBF-001
Usage: Use 18kg to 100kg of water. Pump 30%. Or use 180g per 1 kg. of water. Pump 30%.
Cajun Bacon Pump     MALBCAJ-001
Usage: For 10gal of finished product: For 10% pump use 8.5lb (3.85kg) per 100lb water or 85g seasoning per kg water.
For 15% pump use 6lb (2.72kg) per 100lb water or 60g seasoning per kg water. For 20% pump use 4.5lb (2.04kg) per 100lb water or 45g seasoning per kg water. For 30% pump use 3.1lb (2.04kg) per 100lb water or 31g seasoning per kg water.
California Ham Spice     MALCHS-001
Usage: Use 0.05-0.10% in the finished product. Or pump 30%, use 325g (0.075% in the finished product) with 7kg salt, 1.4kg Sure Cure, 60g sodium erythorbate, 1.85kg dextrose and 89.365kg water. **Cure must be used with this product.**
Complete Bacon Cure    MALBCUR-007
Usage: 10% pump: Use 150g seasoning and 23g Sure Cure per kg water. 15% pump: Use 95g seasoning and 17g Sure Cure per kg water. 20% pump: Use 72g seasoning and 13g Sure Cure per kg of water. 25% pump: Use 50g seasoning and 9g Sure Cure per kg of water.
Cooked Ham Unit     MALHAM-005
Usage: Use 15kg to 84 kg (185 lbs) fine meat block with 68 kg (150 lbs) coarse meat with 93.4 kg (206 lbs) water. Add cure as required. (500 grams/batch).
Honey Ham Pump     MALHHP-001
Usage: Use 5.02kg honey ham pump and 9.96kg water, pump 15%.
Or use 5.69kg honey ham pump and 24.31kg water, pump 30%.
Or use 6.12kg honey ham pump and 33.87kg water, pump 40%.
Or use 6.55kg honey ham pump and 43.44kg water, pump 50%. Completely dissolve unit in ice-cold water.
For cure, use 350g for 15% pump, 395g for 30% pump, 425g for 40% pump, or 455g for 50% pump. For 100 L of pump at 50% use 15.07 kg of Honey Ham Pump. (Includes 1kg of Sure Cure, packed separately.)
Maple Ham Cure     MALMHC-003
Usage: Add 11.77kg Maple Ham Cure unit with 1.48kg Sure Cure to 100kg of ice and water, pump 30%.
Peameal Bacon Brown Sugar Cure    MALPBBSCUR-010
Usage: Add seasoning unit (6.5kg) and Sure Cure (0.46kg) to 200kg of meat in 10gal of water, pump 20%. **Sure Cure packed separately inside.**
Peameal Bacon Cure
Usage: Add 3.2kg peameal bacon cure and 0.32 kg cure unit to 5gal of water, pump 20%. **Sure Cure packed separately inside.**