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Information and Insight for Sausage Casings

Collagen Casings

  Artificial casings are commonly made of collagen or cellulose. Recent technology has also introduced plastic casings to the sausage industry. Malabar sources artificial casings from across the globe, to bring you the very best for use in your products. Collagen Sausage Casings Collagen casings are dry casings made up of fibers of edible collagen (protein) […]

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Sheep Casings

  Sheep casings are available in ‘A’ grade – these are graded for fine emulsions. Better quality with fewer holes. We also carry ‘B’ grade with some but very few holes. There are 2 bundles per pack. 100 yards per bundle – tubed for ease of stuffing. 19/21mm          Pepperettes 21/23mm         Kabanosy 22/24mm         Franfurters 23/25mm         Breakfast […]

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Beef Casings

MALABAR’S SELECTION OF NATURAL CASINGS Beef Rounds (30 yards/bundle) These casings derive their name from their characteristic “ring” or “round” shape. Size & Type Usage One Bundle Stuffs (Approx) 38/40 salted for Mettwurst 60-66lbs 40/45 salted for Kishka, Bloodsausage 66-75lbs 45+ salted for Ring Bologna, Kielbasa 84lbs Beef Middles (20 yards/bundle) These casings derive their name from […]

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Hog Casings

    Hog Casings (100 yards / bundle) All hog casings are available salted or in tubed strands for ease of stuffing. Whisker free casings are available by special order. Hog casings available by the bundle, pail or barrel.     Size & Type Usage One Bundle Stuffs (Approx) 29/32 salted for Breakfast Sausage, Farmers […]

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