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Information and Insight for Cure Units and Cure Additives

Sure Cure and Dry Cure Units

SURE CURE & DRY CURE UNITS Cure units consist mainly of salt, and sodium nitrate and/or sodium nitrite. Additional ingredients may include sugar, sodium erythorbate/ascorbate, phosphates, and flavours. Canadian regulations are very specific on the usage levels allowed for nitrates/nitrites in meat products, and should be thoroughly understood before beginning the curing process. Malabar is […]

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Pump and Cure Units

Modern meat curing and smoking practices are used primarily to create flavour, enhance colour, and for food safety, for example, to prevent botulism. Malabar can provide you with the cure you require, as well as the advice and know-how you want in order to cure your products efficiently and successfully. To the best of our […]

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