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Resources for Spices, Seasonings and Ingredients

Malabar Super Spice Reference Library

It’s all about CHILLIES

Malabar has available by special order a variety of Chillies in whole, diced, flaked, granulated and powder. Minimum order is 25lbs with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

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The Alternative to Sodium? POTASSIUM!

Sodium is the sixth most abundant mineral on earth. As humans, our bodies need a very small amount of sodium to conduct nerve impulses, contract and relax muscles and maintain a correct balance of water and minerals. So, what is a small amount? How are we doing in reducing our salt intake? There is an alternative POTASSIUM CHLORIDE

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Custom Blending Service

Malabar Super Spice has a long history of custom blending for a vast array of clientele. Customers often find that we can make their spice blend less expensively than if they had done it themselves. We can create consistent products for you that will reduce your labor costs and allow for more efficient use of […]

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Water Activity – Why do we need to control it?

A Close Look at Water in your Products Predicting Food Spoilage: Water activity (Aw) has its most useful application in predicting the growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds. For a food to have a useful shelf life without relying  on refrigerated storage, it is necessary to control either its acidity level (pH) or the level […]

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Soy Protein

  Soy (Soybean) Protein is the protein obtained from Soybeans, containing the essential amino acids. Since the approval of soy protein isolate and concentrate in Canada, usage has steadily increased.  Soy is not used as a meat replacer but as a protein extender, emulsifier and binder in emulsion and whole muscle products. Soy Flour After […]

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What does Food Manufacturing/Processing Aids mean for your product label?

The ingredient declaration of seasoning and spice blends often include a few ingredients, at the end of the list, which are followed by the term (mfg aid). What does (mfg aid) mean and how does it affect the ingredient declaration of the finished retail food product? There is no regulatory definition of food manufacturing/ processing […]

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Selecting the right casing for your product

  There are several choices to consider for casings, including natural, manufactured collagen, cellulose, fibrous and moisture proof casing materials. Each of these has its own unique characteristics and will impact product properties in different ways. Natural casings Natural casings are more expensive than many other casing types, but there is increased interest in them […]

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What is Irradiation? Why is it important…..

Taking a Closer Look at FOOD IRRADIATION  Industry’s Answer to a Safer Food Supply Food irradiation is a well-researched method of treating food in order to make it safer to eat and longer lasting. This information sheet has been sponsored by the Canadian Spice Association to help clarify some of the mystery of Food Irradiation […]

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Treating Natural Casings with BOMBAL®

Bombal® can be used to treat natural casings for the purpose of extending shelf life of the finished product whether it is fresh or cooked.   Procedure; Make a 5% solution i.e.; by weighing 95 pounds of water and 5 pounds of Bombal. Before adding Bombal® to the water, vigorously stir the water and keep […]

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