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Malabar Ingredients Fall Newsletter

Spices For Immunity This Fall Season IMMUNITY HEALTH ON CONSUMERS’ RADARS The “flu season” gas arrived, and consumer awareness of immunological health is high. Adding antioxidant-rich spices to your meals is one of the simplest methods to strengthen the immune system. Spices have been used for ages for both food and medicine; each spice having […]

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Preparing Natural Casings

For casings packed in salt: Step 1: Rinse salt from casings with fresh water. Step 2: Soften by soaking in fresh water at room temperature approximately 21ºC (70ºF) for 45 minutes to one hour. When hanks are placed in water, gently hand massage them to separate the strands and prevent dry spots, which may adversely affect the […]

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More About ….. Natural Casings

What are the Special Qualities of Natural Casings? Natural Casings readily permit deep smoke penetration. Natural Casings have excellent characteristics of elasticity and tensile strength, to allow for high efficiency production and expansion during filling. Natural Casings protect the fine flavour of sausage, without contributing any conflicting flavouring of their own. Natural Casing Sausage has […]

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Sodium Erythorbate vs Sodium Ascorbate vs Ascorbic Acid

What Are They? How Do They Compare? Sodium Erythorbate Sodium Erythorbate is an antioxidant that is the sodium salt of erythorbic acid (produced by fermentation of food grade starch). In the dry state, it is non-reactive, but when mixed with water, it reacts with atmospheric oxygen and other oxidizing agents. In meat curing, it controls […]

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Phosphates in Meat Processing

What functional role do phosphates play in meat processing? Phosphates act to increase the water holding capacity of meat, by forcing the proteins apart, which in turn allows water to move in between protein molecules. Phosphates are also very good chelating agents. Phosphates are used in meat products for preservation of natural flavours. Added benefits […]

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Ingredients, Additives, Flavours & Extractives – Reference

MORE ABOUT… SODIUM/POTASSIUM NITRITES AND NITRATES Nitrates (saltpeter) and nitrites are the ‘curing’ agents in cured meats. The development of the red to pink cured colour is their most recognizable characteristic. Added functions of nitrates/nitrites are: contribute to end product flavour and sensory qualities inhibitor and spoilage microorganisms to retard development of rancidity Nitrate in […]

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Herbs and Spices A Brief History of Spice

THE SPICE OF ANTIQUITY From the hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramids, to the scriptures of the Bible, we find constant mention of the important part spices played in the lives of the ancients. Some of the spices, herbs, and seeds we know today, were cultivated by the early peoples of the western world, […]

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Herbs and Spices Glossary

GLOSSARY OF HERBS AND SPICES Allspice (Pimenta officinalis) takes its name from its aroma, which smells like a combination of spices, especially cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. In much of the world, allspice is called pimento because the Spanish mistook the fruit for black pepper, which the Spanish called pimienta. Anise (Pimpinella anisum) is native to the […]

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Reducing Sodium in Baked Goods

Nu-Tek Food Science has developed a unique product utilizing patented single-crystal processing technology. Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride Read More

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