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Herbs & Spices


The table below provides an overview of the various spices most commonly used in processed meats.

Common Name Form Teaspoons
per Ounce
Allspice Whole, Ground 14 Bologna, pickled pigs feet, head cheese
Anise Seed 14.5 Dry Sausages, mortdella, pepperoni
Basil Leaves 35 leaves Pickled and jellied meats
Bay Leaves 136 leaves Pickle for pigs feet, lamb tongue
Caraway Seed 9.5 Semi-dry sausages, meat loaves, luncheon meat
Cardamom Seed-Ground 14.5 Frankfurters, liver sausage, head cheese, semi-dry sausages
Celery Seeds, flakes, salt 14 Pork Sausage, Frankfurters, bologna, meat loaves,
lunch meats
Cinnamon Ground 17.5 Bologna, head cheese
Cloves Whole, Ground 14.5 Bologna, liver sausage, head cheese
Coriander Seed, Ground 14 Frankfurters, bologna, polish sausage, luncheon specialties
Cumin Seed, Ground 14 Curry Powder
Fennel Seed 14 Italian sausage
Garlic Powder, Salt, Minced N/A Polish sausage, many smoked sausage types
Ginger Whole, ground 14 Pork Sausage, Frankfurters, corned beef
Mace Ground 14 Veal Sausage, Liver sausage, frankfurters
Marjoram Leaves 19.5 Liver sausage, polish sausage, head cheese
Mustard Seed, powdered 14.5 Good in almost any sausage
Nutmeg Ground 12.75 Veal sausage, bologna, frankfurters, liver sausage,
head cheese
Onion Chopped, Powdered, Salt, flakes, granulated N/A Liver sausage, head cheese, baked loaves
Oregano Leaves, ground 26 Frankfurters, bologna, meat loaves, luncheon
Paprika Ground 13.5 Frankfurters, Mexican sausage, dry sausage
Pepper (black, white) Whole, ground (fine, coarse) 15.25, 13.25 Most Sausage Products
Rosemary Leaves 35 Liver sausage
Sage Leaves, Ground 22 Pork sausage, baked loaves
Savory Leaves, Ground 18.75 Good in almost any sausage
Thyme Leaves, Ground 20.25 Good in almost any sausage
Turmeric Ground 12 Good in almost any sausage

Salt: 2 tablespoons per oz. Sugar: 2.5 Tablespoons per oz .


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Crushed Red Pepper
Did You Know?

The "hot" spices - black, white and red peppers and mustard seed - have become the most popular group of spices in North America in terms of
consumption in the last 10 to 20 years. These items now occupy 41% of the N.A. spice market, and as group have increased 71% in tonnage since the late 1970's.





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