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Don`t miss this Reference SectionSeasoning Blends & Meat Formulations

There are many reasons to consider pre-blended seasoning and binder units, including easing HACCP concerns, the uniformity provided by pre-blended units, optimizing consistency and flavour balance, and guaranteed confidentiality.

Our product development team at Malabar have created hundreds of ready-to-use premium seasoning blends for meat and poultry processors, culinary professionals and food service companies.

We can also duplicate your formulas or create custom blends to meet your unique flavour branding or functional product needs.

Your valued recipe is fully protected in a confidentiality agreement from disclosure to others.

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Our creative team work closely with you through the entire product development cycle for an experience that both you, and your customers will enjoy.

steak seasoningDID YOU KNOW?

Curry Powder is not a single spice, but rather a skillfully blended mixture of 9 to 25 herbs and spices, which will vary according to the manufacturer, and region where it is developed. Typically, Indian Curry Powder is mild and Madras Curry Powder is hot.

Some of the spices may include coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper.

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Crushed Red Pepper
"Malabar helps me personally every time I have a special request or a question, and yet is big enough to provide me with anything I want, often on short notice. Aside from day-to-day supplies, Malabar's blend department has been invaluable in providing Rowe Farms with nutritional labels, blend matching services and in unitizing our own in-house recipes."

Trevor Ernst
Rowe Farms, Guelph, ON

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