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Seasoning Blends & Meat Formulations - Reference


The following table gives typical moisture and protein levels, as well as moisture-to-protein ratios, for some of the meats most commonly used in making sausage.

Meat Moisture (%) Protein (%) M:P Ratio
Pork trimmings, 50% lean 39 10 3.9
Pork cheeks, trimmed 67 17 3.9
Pork jowls 22 6 3.7
Pork fat 6 1.3 4.6
Beef chunks 61 18 3.4
Bull meat 68 20 3.4
Beef tripe 75 12 6.3
Beef trimmings, 90% lean 72 17 4.2
Beef flanks 43 13 3.3
Beef hearts 64 15 4.3

This table gives typical moisture-to-protein ratios for selected finished meat products.

Finished Meat Product M:P Ratio
Jerky 0.75:1
Pepperoni 1.60:1
Dry Salami 1.90:1
Italian Salami 1.90:1
Farmer Summer Sausage 1.90:1
Ukrainian Sausage 2.00:1
Kippered Beef 2.03:1
Dried Meat 2.04:1
Chipped Beef 2.04:1
Roast Beef, canned 2.25:1
Genoa Salami 2.30:1
Sicilian Salami 2.30:1
Semi-dry, refrigerated no standard
Semi-dry, non-refrigerated 3.10:1 and pH<5.0
Thuringer 3.70:1

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