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Nu-Tek Salt
What the Studies Show: Laboratory Testing – Sensory Attributes & Functionality
Nu-Tek Salt has been tested in a number of university & industrial laboratories for both sensory attributes (tastes) & functionality, including its effect on yield and water activity.

French Fries – French Fries – French fries were tested by Food Perspectives in Minneapolis. A 42% reduction in sodium had no negative impact on taste... Overall scores were identical for fries with traditional salt compared with those made with Nu-Tek salt.


Ham – The University of Nebraska tested a 25% reduction in sodium in Deli Ham & confirmed that there was no discernible difference in flavour.


Yield - Testing of marinated chicken breasts, with target salt levels of 1% (using either sodium chloride or the Nu-Tek Salt) and phosphate added at a level of 0.3%, then baked for 20 minutes at 350°F. Chicken breasts results showed an increase in yield when the Nu-Tek Salt was used.


Additional testing at the University of Minnesota was conducted to look at water activity levels of sodium chloride compared to the Nu-Tek Salt. Results confirmed that the Nu-Tek Salt, when blended 50/50 with sodium chloride (table salt), resulted in water activity that is similar to or better than that of Salt (NaCl).


Nu-Tek Salt can be used to reformulate low-sodium products where traditional salts (NaCl) add functionality to your application (e.g. meats, cheese, and bakery).

The modified potassium chloride of Nu-Tek Salt, and functions as well or better with the benefit of added yield. (It’s worth remembering that the functional attributes of salts cannot be replaced with salt-free options like flavours, MSG, spices or yeast extracts.)

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What do studies show about Nu-Tek Salt?
The Sodium/ Potassium Balance
“… 88% of all sodium in the [Canadian] diet is added during food manufacturing or preparation and is not present naturally.”
“Efforts to reduce sodium in foods must take into consideration both food security and food safety.”
From “Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada: Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group”
Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada: Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group
Get Your Copy of the Sodium Working Group Recommendations
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