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Concerned About Sodium Reduction?
Are you concerned about sodium reduction in your food products?
As processors feel the pressure to reduce salt in their formulations they are raising valid questions about TASTE, FUNCTIONALITY & SHELF LIFE.

Nu-Tek Salt from Malabar - Technology-based sodium reduction (learn more)

Nu-Tek Salt is a TRULY FUNCTIONAL SALT made with potassium chloride modified to a smaller crystal structure for EXCELLENT SALTY TASTE, without bitterness.

Its proven effect on water activity matches that of traditional salt, for AN EQUIVALENT SHELF-LIFE. Nu-Tek Salt also allows for a CLEAN LABEL declaration:  potassium chloride & rice flour.

Studies show that Nu-Tek Salt

  • functions like regular salt,
  • shows excellent functionality, and
  • can be used on a 1:1 basis to replace
    up to ½ the sodium in your formulations
  • with no discernable difference in taste.
Reduced Sodium Sea Salt & Modified
Potassium Chloride

   Nu-Tek introduces a new technology
   to help lower sodium content in your
   food application

Nu-Tek Salt manufactured by Nu-Tek is available in Canada exclusively from Malabar.
more Request a sample of Nu-Tek Salt

more Talk to us about Sodium Reduction

more What About Salt? Processors need salt to flavour foods, to preserve them, and to help bind them together.  Salt was one of the first ingredients used in meat processing

more What the Studies Show: Nu-Tek Salt has been tested in a number of university & industrial laboratories for both sensory attributes (taste) & functionality, including its effect on yield and water activity.

more Learn More via Webinar:  Minimizing the Sodium Without Changing the Flavour

more Making Low-Sodium Products: Nu-Tek Salt is suitable for use wherever salt is used, in processing as a functional ingredient, for taste, or both.  Nu-Tek Salt can even be sprinkled on potato chips and snack foods.
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Cheese
  • Snack Foods
  • Bakery

more Get YOUR Copy of the SWG’s Recommendations to the Canadian Government on Sodium
“Sodium Reduction Strategy for CANADA:  Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group”

For more information about Nu-Tek Salt
contact Malabar at 1-888-456-6252,
or email us at info@malabarsuperspice.com

In This Section
Find out more about Nu-Tek Salt
Request a sample of
Nu-Tek Salt
Arrange a consultation with a Technical Specialist
What do studies show about Nu-Tek Salt?
The Sodium/ Potassium Balance
“… 88% of all sodium in the [Canadian] diet is added during food manufacturing or preparation and is not present naturally.”
“Efforts to reduce sodium in foods must take into consideration both food security and food safety.”
From “Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada: Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group”
Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada: Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group
Get Your Copy of the Sodium Working Group Recommendations
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