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Malabar brings RAPS spices and seasonings to Canada in an industry-changing partnership with the German manufacturer


Malabar Super Spice Company Ltd. RAPS
Doris Valade, CEO Paul Konstantinidis, Regional Director – RAPS North America
(905) 632-2062 + 49 9221 807 414
doris@malabarsuperspice.com paul.konstantinidis@raps.de

Burlington, ON, Canada/Kulmbach, Bavaria, Germany – (August 31, 2009)

Malabar Super Spice (Malabar) is very pleased to bring European quality and innovation in spices, seasonings and functional ingredients to Canada by partnering with RAPS of Germany. Canadian processors will have immediate access to these well-known products, improving product quality and lowering processor’s costs per pound. 

RAPS selected Malabar after a rigorous review of the Canadian marketplace as the right supplier to distribute their products across the country.  With this partnership, Malabar will give Canadian processors access to:

  • Exceptional ground spices and seasonings from all parts of the world, processed using RAPS patented BIOFROST chilled grinding technology
  • Unique & robust liquid seasonings & marinades – developed for processors, providing standardized quality, exceptional flavour & cost savings
  • Patented ‘Flavocaps’ technology for micro-encapsulation of flavours
  • Commercially approved, completely natural antioxidants - Stabiloton - based on pure Rosemary Extract
  • The largest flavour lab in Europe

“At RAPS we concentrate on developments that benefit our customers. One out of every 10 RAPS employees work in R&D, and we develop over 600 new products every year, producing more that 23,000 tonnes of spices, seasonings & concentrates in five different plants. Most important to us, however, is bringing our deep knowledge of world flavours and processor-friendly functionality to processors in the form of our spices, seasonings and functional ingredients. We are very excited to be doing this in Canada through Malabar Super Spice.” says Paul Konstantinidis, Regional Director for RAPS North America.

"RAPS has the strictest approval process for suppliers and raw materials in the world, ensuring the best quality spices available anywhere. With downward pressure on ingredients costs, Canada has seen a lowering of spice quality throughout the industry. Malabar is pleased to reverse this trend, and is thrilled to set the standard high in the Canadian market with European quality and innovation." says Doris Valade, CEO of Malabar Super Spice Company.  

Malabar will begin distributing RAPS products immediately throughout Canada. 

About Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd.:

Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd. (Malabar) is the supplier of choice for spices & seasonings, functional ingredients, sausage casings, and supplies for meat and poultry processors across Canada. Malabar partners with its customers in providing an unsurpassed range of innovative products, superior service and technical assistance. To find out more, visit www.malabarsuperspice.com

About RAPS:

RAPS GmbH & Co. KG is a leading international manufacturer of spices and additives for the food industry. With subsidiaries in twelve different countries and representatives in 60 others, RAPS markets innovative products of premium quality worldwide. Its customers are businesses in delicatessen retail and the butchery trade, in the meat products and food industry and in catering.

RAPS is a pioneer in different fields of spice processing and refinement: processes such as biofrost cold grinding to enhance the aroma, “Coatec” raw material encapsulation, pulverising liquids (CFP) and extracting natural antioxidants have been developed in RAPS’ own application research laboratories.

Founded in 1924 as a family-owned enterprise, the company now employs a workforce of more than 850 persons worldwide. With the help of its employees and sound financing – shareholders’ equity of 60 million Euros, balance sheet total 144 million Euros – RAPS is pressing ahead with economic and technological development on the international food markets.

RAPS is audited and certified to ISO 9001:2009, BRC and IFS standards.
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“Malabar provides me with the best quality spices at a very competitive price. Compared to the competition, Malabar saves me 30–40% on every order I place.”

Dan Zielke
B&D Meats,
Weyburn SK




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