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Malabar In The News | Malabar News Releases

welcome October 24, 2018
Malabar Super Spice announces Mark Brewster as President

Burlington, Ontario, October 22, 2018 - Malabar Super Spice Company Ltd. is proud to announce a change in our leadership team as Mark Brewster is joining as company President. Current President, Doris Valade will continue as CEO.
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welcome May 29, 2017
Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd Continues to grow! Adding to our team of technical specialists

At Malabar, it has never been about ‘just selling our products.’ As a key supplier to food processors across Canada, one of our primary focuses is on providing our customers with timely advice and strong technical support. To maintain this level of service we are excited to introduce you to our two newest team members.
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butcher May 17, 2016
Beckwith Butchers Serves up Big Effort for Fort McMurray!

On May 10th one of our customers, Beckwith Butchers, hosted a BBQ fundraiser in support of relief efforts for Fort McMurray, Alberta after the devastating wildfires that evacuated the city and displaced tens of thousands of people. Their hope was to initially raise $500, but when lineups began to form hours before the event was to take place, it was evident that something special was happening.
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IFFA 2016 May 12, 2016
Final Report IFFA 2016

The No. 1 for the meat industry closed its doors after six successful days. Over 63,000 trade visitors from 143 countries attended the world’s leading trade fair for the sector, an increase of around five percent over the previous event in 2013 whereby special mention must be made of the increased degree of internationality, which rose to a new record level of around 66 percent. IFFA 2016 also set a new record on the exhibitor side with a total of 1,027 companies taking part.
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Taste Your Future March 24, 2016
Discover a world of exciting career options! Ontario’s fast-growing food and beverage processing sector

Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO) recently launched Taste Your Future, a new career awareness program within Ontario's food and beverage processing sector. With the launch of Taste Your Future, FBO aims to help meet Ontario's challenge to create 60,000 new jobs in the sector by the year 2020.
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Why You're Aging Ungracefully March 10, 2016
Why You're Aging Ungracefully
(By , courtesy HuffPost Canada Blogs)

Aging is a natural part of the human existence and whether we like it or not, here is the cold, hard truth: We peak physically in our twenties and have to be increasingly vigilant as we age to maintain our vitality. The crazy part is that there are two simple things that we can control to make the process quite easy, yet people ignore the facts and instead search for magic elixirs and quick-fix solutions. Whether you're concerned with beauty, fitness, quality of life or health, there are two great equalizers: Lifting weights and eating high-quality protein.
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Food Safety Excellence Award
February 25, 2016
Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd. Presented "Food Safety Excellence Award"

GUELPH, Ontario - NSF-GFTC, part of NSF International's Global Food Division, announced the winners of its 2016 Canada Food Safety Recognition Awards. The awards were presented at the Canadian Food Safety Forum, which was hosted by NSF-GFTC at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton, Ontario.
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Protein for Adults 50+ February 25, 2016
Survey Confirms Only 11% of Canadians 50+ Eat Enough Protein for Optimal Health
(By McMaster Physical Activity Centre of Excellence)

A recent survey of Canadians who are 50 years of age and older shows that only 11 per cent are eating protein as frequently as they should. Dr. Stuart Phillips, a Professor of Kinesiology at McMaster University who studies the link between protein consumption and exercise for maintaining muscle mass, recommends adults 50 and over eat protein with every meal.
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Cooking meat at lower temperature could reduce cancer risk November 24, 2015
Cooking meat at lower temperature could reduce cancer risk
(By Food in Canada)

Following the WHO’s headline-making news that red meat consumption is linked to cancer risks, a new study shows that cooking method can make a difference.
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follow-up study on meat and cancer November 10, 2015
WHO eyes follow-up study on meat and cancer
(By Keith Nuthall - GlobalMeatNews.com)

A World Health Organisation (WHO) official this morning confirmed it will stage a follow up study to its controversial report that concluded that eating red and processed meats represented a significant cancer risk.
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processed meats October 28, 2015
Five questions about the WHO’s cancer-causing meat announcement answered
(CARLY WEEKS - The Globe and Mail)

Bacon causes cancer and a New York strip steak probably does too. On Monday, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer announced that processed meat is carcinogenic and that red meat, including beef, veal, pork and lamb, probably causes cancer. The announcement has many rethinking what they eat and whether they can ever enjoy a guilt-free hot dog or hamburger again. It’s critical to look beyond the headlines to answer those questions.
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IARC October 27, 2015
Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat

In October, 2015, 22 scientists from ten countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, to evaluate the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat. These assessments will be published in volume 114 of the IARC Monographs.1 Red meat refers to unprocessed mammalian muscle meat—for example, beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, horse, or goat meat—including minced or frozen meat; it is usually consumed cooked. Processed meat refers to meat that has been transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or other processes to enhance fl avour or improve preservation.
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CMC October 27, 2015
Meat Industry Provides Essential Context for Interpretation of IARC Report

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has published a report on whether scientific evidence may support the classification of red and processed meat consumption as a “cancer hazard.” Contrary to some articles in the media, it is important to note that IARC monographs do not indicate a cause and effect relationship between a substance or a profession and cancer. .
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know your nitrites October 19, 2015
Know your Nitrites

The American Heart Association has stated that nitric oxide and its function is the most important discovery in the history of cardiovascular medicine.
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Malabar Becomes BRC CertifiedNovember 4, 2014
Malabar Becomes BRC Certified
Supplier of seasonings and ingredients earns coveted BRC Certification with an ‘A’ rating.

Seasoning manufacturer and food processing partner Malabar Super Spice (www.malabarsuperspice.com) today announced that it has achieved certification against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, with an A-grade. BRC Global Standards (www.brcglobalstandards.com) is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 21,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies...

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Stemmler's Meat & CheeseMay 2, 2014
Stemmler’s Meat & Cheese HEALTH & WELLNESS AWARD
(Deanna Rosolen - Food in Canada)

Stemmler’s Meat & Cheese of Heidelberg, Ont. was ahead of its time when, 25 years ago, the company began catering to consumers with food allergies and
sensitivities.  is was uncharted territory at the time, especially so for the  edgling family-run butcher shop. It was also before many of these conditions were completely understood or properly diagnosed....

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Sodium Reduction in Processed FoodsApril 10, 2014
Sodium Reduction in Processed Foods
(by Frank Yeo)

High sodium consumption has been directly linked to health issues such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It may come as a surprise, but only 11% of the salt we consume comes from what we add during home cooking and at the table. The rest is added by the manufacturer as a taste enhancer and preservative...

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Seasonings, Spices Market to Reach $16 Billion by 2019March 24, 2014
Seasonings, Spices Market to Reach $16 Billion by 2019
(Posted on Food, Product, Design)

ALBANY, N.Y.—A new market report by Transparency Market Research shows the global seasonings and spices market is projected to hit $16.6 billion by 2019 as consumers spice things up in the kitchen and keep this recession-proof industry booming...

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Shredded & pulled meat products using different proteins & sauces are a hot commodityFebruary 1, 2014
Shredded & pulled meat products using different proteins & sauces are a hot commodity - in refrigerated meats & in food service
(by Lynn Petrak)

Pulled and shredded meat products reflect passion for barbeque in convenient form. The refrigerated meats category may be going to shreds, but that's not such a bad thing...

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January 20, 2014
Malabar supports entrepreneurs through Kiva

Kiva - an organization dedicated to providing low-cost loans to small business owners in developing countries. Kiva builds businesses through low-cost loans offered directly by donors across the world, and has a repayment rate of 99.1%. Here's Kiva's video of the year in review...

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How to get smart about saltJanuary 8, 2014
How to get smart about salt
(by Laurie Gorton, Baking & Snack)

When altering the sodium content of a good many foods, salt can replace salt when the “new” salt is a technologically advanced version of the old one. Don Mower, president and COO of Nu-Tek Food Science, Minnetonka, MN, and Tom McCurry, executive vice-president of Cain Food Industries, Dallas, discuss how and why this strategy works...

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The Alt-SaltOctober 31, 2013
The Alt-Salt - Please pass the chemically enhanced potassium chloride.
(Rebecca Flint Marx, Wired)

Excessive salt consumprion was linked to 2.3 million deaths worldwide in 2010. That's horrible news if you're an average sodium-loving American but very good news if you happen to be in the salt-replacement business...

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9 Mouthwatering Meat Meccas August 23, 2013
A Celebration of Meat:
9 Mouthwatering Meat Meccas
(from the Huffington Post)

Well, grilling season is in full swing and from the pit barbecues of the Texas Hill Country to the smokehouses of the Carolinas, Americans of every stripe are firing up the coals and enjoying one of the country's most cherished summer traditions. The combination of fresh meat and fire is, however, a universal pastime, one that is as varied as it is relished, and found in almost every corner of the world...

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Spiced just rightJuly 31, 2013
Spiced just right: Burlington’s Malabar offers a world of options

The first thing that strikes you when you walk in the front door of Malabar Super Spice Company is the smell. It instantly brings to mind pots of curry bubbling away in a good Indian restaurant. Individual aromas merge into one exotic wall of fragrance, although with a little olfactory exercise a visitor can pick out cumin and turmeric...

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Stalling the Sodium StrategyJuly 22, 2013
Stalling the Sodium Strategy

Industry needs timely government action for further sodium reduction...”

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Bill Gates Identifies Nu-Tek Food Science as Leading-Edge Company in InnovationMay 29, 2013
Bill Gates Identifies Nu-Tek Food Science as Leading-Edge Company in Innovation

In the "Future of Food” section of his official thegatesnotes website, Bill Gates recently featured Nu-Tek Food Science as one of the companies he has come across “doing pioneering work on innovations...”

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Examples of Sodium‐Reduced Processed Meat Products At or Below the 2016 Guideline Targets Available to Consumers TodayMay 14, 2013
Examples of Sodium‐Reduced Processed Meat Products At or Below the 2016 Guideline Targets Available to Consumers Today

a sample of processed meat products which meet
the 2016 maximum sodium guidance targets as per Health Canada’s document
entitled Guiding Benchmark Sodium Reduction Levels for Processed Foods.

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Cut salt, add potassium, live longerApril 4, 2013
"Cut salt, add potassium, live longer," researchers say
(Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY)

But the Salt Institute begs to differ... If people cut their salt intake and increased their intake of potassium by eating more fruits and vegetables, millions of lives around the world could be saved every year, says research out today.

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Meat Industry Fully Committed to Sodium ReductionFebruary 27, 2013
Meat Industry Fully Committed to Sodium Reduction
(The Canadian Meat Council)

Canadian Meat Council members not only recognize, but welcome the opportunity to join with other food processors, foodservice operators and consumers in the pursuit of lowered sodium intakes by Canadians.

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November, 2012
The shifting landscape of food consumption

The world is changing quickly and so are food markets. The role of consumers is changing, science is changing food, and a new regulatory environent is being defined. What do you need to know about these changes to get ready for the future?

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Oct 10, 2012
"UN warns of rising food costs after year's extreme weather"
John Vidal, Rebecca Smithers and Shiv Malik
(The Guardian)

Warning comes as shops struggle to fill shelves and farmers' union reports wheat yields are at lowest level since 1980s.

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health properties of spicesAug 22, 2012
"A growing interest in the health properties of spices mark 2012 trends..."
by Treena Hein (Food in Canada)

Juicy fruit & nourishing spices - A return to North American flavours and a growing interest in the health properties of spices mark 2012 trends!

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30th anniversaryJuly 20, 2012
Congratulations on Winning our 30th Anniversary Draw!

We're happy to name European Quality Meats as the winner of our 30th Anniversary draw.  European Quality Meats have a processing plant in Brampton, and a retail outlet in Toronto.  All the best to European Quality Meats!


Lean beef is part of a healthy diet.March 13, 2012
Lean beef is part of a healthy diet.

Canadians can rest assured their enjoyment of red meat doesn’t need to change anytime soon despite the predictions of a new US study suggesting harm from eating large amounts.

The new study, published today, suggests eating high amounts of red meat are associated with increased risk of death from cancer and heart disease, but the results have little significance to Canadian meat eaters.

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Red and Processed Meats Are Safe and Healthy Components of a Balanced DietMarch 12, 2012
American Meat Institute Foundation Says Red and Processed Meats Are Safe and Healthy Components of a Balanced Diet.

Disputes Harvard study associating meat consumption with increased risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer
Washington, D.C, March 12, 2012.

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Prepared Meats - Just Like Home-Made, But More ConvenientDecember, 2011
Prepared Meats - Just Like Home-Made, But More Convenient.
James Careless, Western Grocer - Meat Department (Nov/Dec)

Today's prepared, pre-spiced meats give Canadians the best of both worlds. Today’s grocery shoppers want prepared foods that are tasty, healthy, and as close to homemade as possible. Bridging the gap between home-style goodness and deli counter convenience are the now vast selection of prepared meats that can be found in most delis, whether pre-marinated, pre-cut or portioned, stuffed or spiced.

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Reinventing the DeliSeptember, 2011
Reinventing the Deli
Western Grocer Magazine Sept/Oct 2011

The deli has become the focus for how supermarkets compete with the foodservice business — estimated at close to $70 billion in Canada — and retailers are showing a lot of innovation these days to help capture that market.

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Too much sodium, not enough potassium in the Canadian dietJune 13, 2011
Too much sodium, not enough potassium in the Canadian diet: research
Anne-Marie Tobin, The Canadian Press

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SaltApril 2011
Putting Salt in it's Place
Food In Canada Magazine
Food in Canada

Food producers are turning to reformulation and salt replacers to voluntarily cut sodium from their products, before it becomes mandatory.

Health Canada is serious about salt — reducing the amount consumed by Canadians, that is. Last February, the agency began releasing label data and draft sodium targets for many foods, with more products being added to the list all the time. And in partnership with the food industry, Health Canada is also helping consumers make healthier choices through the launch of the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign.

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February 18, 2011
What's forcing the prices to rocket in spice world?
Paul Peachey on the freak weather and rising demand that have driven costs sky-high.
The Independant, UK

After a series of natural calamities and poor harvests, the price of spices from ginger to nutmeg have rocketed in one of the hidden stories of global food inflation. Traders and brokers reported prices of some spice staples have increased more than tenfold over the past five years and in turn hit food manufacturers and consumers.

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September, 2010
Some Like it Hot - Ethnic flavourings are spicing up new product offerings – but cut the salt
(Food in Canada, September 2010 Issue)

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Malabar Hosts Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag!Malabar Hosts Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag!

Malabar was thrilled to be the site of filming for a new episode of Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag, starring Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic, former hosts of The Shopping Bags.

Anna and Kristina tested several pepper mills with Malabar executives Doris Valade and Doug Kuehl, using whole peppercorns from Malabar’s spice stores. Look for the show on W Network, expected to air sometime in Spring 2009.

Canadian Meat Business MagazineAwards Reflect Team Spirit for Malabar's
Doris Valade ...
(Canadian Meat Business Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006 Issue)

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Malabar - Press Releases
January 20, 2012
Update on the Spice Market 2012
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January 25, 2011
Danisco Names Malabar Super Spice as Canadian Distributor
for Starter Cultures

Danisco offers a broad range of meat cultures and protective cultures that are perfectly adapted to a wide selection of dried and semi-dried fermented sausages, and also other processed meats including dry cured meat, fresh ground and cooked meat products. Starter cultures provide solutions developed to ensure meat products possess the excellent taste, colour, texture, shelf life, safety and nutritional profile. Starter cultures also improve meat processing times, and help processors achieve superior cost efficiency.

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May 17, 2010
Malabar makes low sodium salt replacer available across Canada, with their new Nu-Tek Salt

Malabar Super Spice (Malabar) announces the availability in Canada of Nu-Tek Salt - a 1:1 salt replacer with excellent taste and functionality, allowing Canadian processors to create no-sodium and low sodium products for a health conscious market.

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RAPSAugust 28, 2009
Malabar brings RAPS spices and seasonings to Canada in an industry-changing partnership with the German manufacturer

Malabar Super Spice (Malabar) is very pleased to bring European quality and innovation in spices, seasonings and functional ingredients to Canada by partnering with RAPS of Germany. Canadian processors will have immediate access to these well-known products, improving product quality and lowering processor’s costs per pound.

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Profit100 October 28, 2008
Malabar’s Doris Valade is Named a Top Canadian Entrepreneur by PROFIT W100 for the Seventh Time …

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September 17, 2008
Modern Butcher Supply Sold by Malabar Super Spice Company to C&C Alianza Services Ltd.

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Canadian Meat Business MagazineJuly 2008
Still #1. Team Cedar Grilling - Canada's Barbeque Champs...
(Canadian Meat Business Magazine, July/August 2008 Issue)

"We're honoured to be their supplier of choice and we're confident that our ingredients and their barbeque expertise will lead them to championships along the way" - Doris Valade, CEO, Malabar Super Spice

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Profit100 Nov 15, 2006
Malabar’s Doris Valade is Named a Top Canadian Entrepreneur
by PROFIT W100 for the Sixth Time …

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Malabar Newsletter - The Main Ingredient
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