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Doris ValadeAbout Malabar

Malabar is a “AA” rated BRC Food Certificated wholesale facility serving the prepared food industry in Canada.

Malabar Super Spice Company has been serving customers for over 30 years.

Malabar’s Mission Statement:

“To provide quality supplies, ingredients and spices to the meat/food industry, and to exceed customer expectations with professional follow up through superior customer service, and innovative product development.”

Malabar Super Spice was founded in 1982, in Burlington, Ontario, although Malabar’s history actually began long before that when Claude Cieslik came to Canada from Germany, where he trained and worked as a sausage maker. Initially, upon arrival in Canada, Claude opened a small delicatessen in Hamilton. As many other new delicatessens opened, the need for meat processing equipment and supplies increased. Claude recognized the opportunity to start Canada’s first meat processing supply company. He sold his delicatessen, and opened Modern Butcher Supply & Service Company in Hamilton, Ontario. Claude was committed to service and quality, and successfully built his sales to serve customers across Canada.

I founded Malabar Super Spice in response to ongoing customer requests for spices, ingredients and casings. As my father sold equipment, the next customer request was for supplies and seasonings – and so Malabar Super Spice was born.

MalabarThe name Malabar Super Spice was created with two ideas in mind – “Malabar” from the name of the coastal province in India, where the #1 Black Pepper in the world is grown as Black Pepper is a key spice used in meat processing. The second idea was to include the word “Super” right in our company name, to demonstrate our commitment to being the best in service and quality.

Over the years, we have added many new product lines to our inventory, including natural and artificial casings, and processing supplies such as collagen films, netting, seal bags, shrink bags, and much more. Many of our customers are often surprised to learn that we have such a varied inventory of meat and food processing supplies.

We encourage you to consider Malabar as your #1 supplier of your spices, ingredients, seasonings, and more.

Doris Valade, CEO

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The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient is Malabar’s newsletter, and is published bi-monthly, as a resource for processors and the industry as a whole.

“Malabar provides me with the best quality spices at a very competitive price. Compared to the competition, Malabar saves me 30–40% on every order I place.”

Dan Zielke
B&D Meats,
Weyburn SK







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