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Marinades are generally defined as seasoned liquids in which meats and seafood are soaked to provide flavour and/or tenderization. Depending on the desired end result, marinades can be oil-based to help retain moisture, acid-based to help break down or tenderize the product, or a combination of the two.

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Gourmet Liquid
BBQ Marinade Code: BBQMAR-012
A tangy combination of smoke, sweet and tomato flavours for a unique BBQ marinade.
Beef Fajita Marinade Code: BFMAR-033
Spicy, garlic seasoning for beef fajitas.
Beef Marinade Code: MALBMAR-002
A typical beef marinade with onion, garlic, and other spices. Great for tangy beef kebobs.
Buffalo Wing Marinade Code: MALBWMAR-010
Combination of vinegar and aged cayenne pepper with flavour notes typical of a Buffalo Hot Sauce.
Burgundy Pepper Marinade Code: MALBPM-054
Burgundy wine flavour combined with Malabar black pepper blended to stimulate the taste buds.
Cajun Marinade Code: CAJMAR-017
Unique blend of spices and peppers for a spicy Cajun flavour.
Chicken Fajita Marinade Code: CFMAR-001
Flavourful garlic and spice seasoning for chicken fajitas.
Chicken Marinade Code: MALCMAR-001
An all-purpose chicken seasoning designed to enhance your poultry products.
Chili Lime Marinade Code: MALCHLM-015
The citrus flavour cools down the heat of the chilies for a great Mexican mix.
Chipotle Marinade Code: CHIPMAR-001
A unique blend of paprika, chipotle, chili, lemon, soy and oregano. Great with chicken and beef.
Curry Marinade Code: MALCURM-001
A mild blend of curry spices that will enhance any meat product.
Honey BBQ Marinade Code: HBBQMAR-014
A powerful sweet blend of honey and smoky BBQ – excellent for poultry products.
Honey Garlic Marinade Code: MALHGMAR-006
A perfect balance of sweet honey and garlic to compliment any meat cut.
Honey Mustard Marinade Code: MALHMMAR-001
Sweet and pungent flavours are mixed together to create a zesty combination.
Hot & Spicy Marinade Code: MALHSMAR-009
A special blend of cayenne pepper and spices for people who like it HOT!
Italian Marinade Code: MALITMAR-008
A full-flavoured combination of Italian herbs, spices, and Romano cheese too.
Jerk Marinade Code: MALJWMAR-018
A spicy hot Jamaican seasoning that is excellent on wings.
Lemongrass and Chili Marinade Code: MALLGCM-038
A unique Thai blend that adds an oriental flavour to chicken and seafood.
Lemon Herb Marinade Code: MALLHMAR-007
A combination of tangy lemon and mixed herbs for a pleasant flavour on poultry or seafood.
Mesquite Marinade Code: MESMAR-011
Try the flavour of real grilled mesquite. Enjoy this smoky taste on beef, pork or chicken.
Orange Ginger Marinade Code: MALOGM-053
Citrus flavour combined with pungent ginger combine to create an oriental flavour twist.
Orange Ginger Maple Marinade Code: OGMMAR-001
A full-flavoured marinade especially suited for pork.
4 Peppercorn Marinade Code: PEPCMAR-015
A blend of 4 peppercorns (black, white, green and pink) for a colourful and flavourful seasoning.
Pork Marinade Code: MALPMAR-004
A combination of coarse and fine ground spices including white pepper, thyme, sage and onion. A great flavour enhancer for your pork meat cuts.
Roasted Garlic Marinade Code: MALRGM-002
A mellow garlic flavour to enhance any meat product.
Roasted Garlic and Herb Marinade Code: MALRGH-025
Garlic and herbs are a natural flavour combination.
Salsa Marinade Code: MALSALM-001
A zesty blend of tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno and chilies too.
Souvlaki Marinade Code: SOUVMAR-013
A Greek blend of garlic, lemon and added spices well suited for pork, beef and chicken.
Stir Fry Marinade Code: MALSFM-003
Characteristic soy sauce flavour with ginger and spices for chicken and beef.
Teriyaki Marinade Code: MALTM-001
A sweet soy sauce base with hints of ginger that will compliment all meat products.

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