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Meat Processing Supplies

Sawdust, Maple & Hickory

We are proud to supply premium quality sawdust manufactured by PWI. This sawdust is manufactured only from untreated, virgin wood, supplied by sawmills.

Our standard maple sawdust is manufactured using only maple wood, and is machine cut for uniform sizing. PWI does not mix in other hardwoods, nor does it accept any recycled wood (i.e. furniture scraps, flooring materials).

Once cut, the sawdust is screened to remove all dust and fine particles, to produce an even smoke, resulting in a uniform smoke process. Once cut and sifted, the sawdust undergoes a very high heat sterilization process, to eliminate harmful pathogens. It is then dried to lower the moisture to 6%, which reduces the potential for new bacteria growth.

We have on file a complete analytical report for the “PWI”sawdust, with test results included for yeast and mold, as well as for a full range of pesticides, metals, and PCB’s.

Please ask us for a copy and compare your current product with ours. Note that as HACCP programs expand throughout our industry, quality considerations for sawdust will be required.

A comparison chart on sawdust is provided below.

PWI Brand Sawdust Other Sawdusts
ISO 9002 certified      
Pure Maple wood Mixed hardwoods
Untreated, virgin wood Recycled wood (furniture, flooring, treated construction)
Uniform CUT pieces, screened to remove dust small particles, 0% < 20 mesh “Milled”process, may contain more dust, inconsistent pieces
Heat treated at 1200ºF to eliminate harmful pathogens May or may not be heat treated
Moisture level of finished product =6%
(lower moisture reduces possibility of bacterial activity)
Moisture level 8-12%
Bagged by volume @ 48 L/bag (=36-40 lb.) Bagged by weight (extra moisture reduces actual sawdust content)
Used by Agriculture Canada in their testing facilities      

We have both Maple and Hickory sawdust in stock and would be pleased to provide samples upon request,


Questions? Contact our technical specialists
@ 1-888-456-6252, or at info@malabarsuperspice.com.
We’re here to help!

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