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Meat Processing Supplies

Butcher Aprons (white)

These neoprene heavy-duty butcher aprons are 120cm in length, and are extra strong to withstand repeated cleaning and daily use.

These aprons are approved for use in all Canadian registered meat facilities.

Cellophan Film

Cellophan film is manufactured from regenerated cellulose, and provides an economical wrapping for meat products to be applied before the netting, so that the netting can be easily removed after processing, and also improves cooking yields.

This clear film is 60cm wide x 100 meters in length.

Collagen Film

This edible film is commonly used as a wrapping (with the netting then applied over top) to improve the cooking yield, ease the net release, and give a much better appearance to smoked meats including hams.

Rolls are available in a variety of widths, including 40 cm, 48cm, 58 cm and 60cm. Each roll is 100m in length, in colours of clear or brown.

Our collagen film is approved for use in all Canadian registered meat facilities.

Stock sizes include:

  • 40cm x 100 m, clear
  • 58cm x 100 m, clear
  • 58cm x 100 m, brown


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