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Sausage Casings


Fanet and Conet Netted Casings

Fanet and Conet Casings combine casing and netting, for processing convenience and excellent customer appeal. These netted casings are the finest in the industry, and are manufactured in Germany.

Fanet Casings consist of a regular fibrous casing with traditional netting already applied. With many net variations and a choice of colours, these casings are available in cut pieces and shirred sticks. The fibrous casing produces a uniform smoked product, and the traditional netting provides an old fashion appeal.

ConetConet Casings consists of a collagen casing with the netting applied. The collagen casing produces a variety of salami and dry cured sausage products, and the net remains tight with the sausage, even after maturation. The Conet casings also have a variety of net variations and colours available, both in cut pieces or shirred sticks.

These netted casings are available in a full range of diameters from 39mm – 105mm. The netting has 3 choices of square sizes and over 18 different colour variations. The casings provide superior presentation for your quality sausage products!

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