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BOMBAL products extend the shelf life of meat & poultry products by controlling bacterial and pathogen growth

Use BOMBAL for:

  • food safety
  • shelf-life extension
  • moisture retention and yield maintenance
  • enhanced taste & visual appeal, without imparting off-flavours

BOMBAL is an easy to use, fine powder whose ingredients are found in nature.  It dissolves quickly, can be mixed at any processing stage, and will not react with any other ingredients.  BOMBAL is also cost effective - @ 0.5% usage it averages ½ the cost of the alternatives.


BOMBAL is designed for cooked and smoked sausages, and cured and injected meat & poulty products, including:

  • wieners / frankfurters
  • luncheon meats
  • cooked ham
  • meat & liver pate
  • blood sausage
  • head cheese
  • corned beef
To find out more about BOMBAL
call today 1-888-456-6252,
or email info@malabarsuperspice.com.

Bombal antimicrobial

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Questions? Contact our technical specialists
@ 1-888-456-6252, or at info@malabarsuperspice.com.
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