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RAPS Products – Exclusively from Malabar

The Finest, Purest spice available in Canada, with 35% higher flavour strength -  so pure it must pass a minimum of 31 quality checks.   PureSpice tastes the way spice was meant to – no fillers, dyes, adulteration and more potent, so you use less for even better products. MORE

RAPS PureLine Seasoning Extracts
Ready-to-use for classic & popular meat products, and made from RAPS Pure Extracts, PureLine Seasonings are easier, safer & less expensive to use than traditional formulations, and are guaranteed to be consistent, time after time. MORE

RAPS Garlic Extra
Garlic EXTRA is a superior garlic extract with better, more natural taste that’s just like fresh-peeled garlic. MORE

RAPS Spice Extractives
The essence of spice, in its purest, most potent form.  Highly concentrated, these extractives are prepared from PureSpice using a supercritical extraction process that is environmentally friendly, and solvent-free, producing the purest, most flavourful spice extracts available. MORE

Stabiloton – the Natural Antioxidant
The all-natural antioxidant that’s easy-to-use, and protects your meat, poultry & fish products.  Stabiloton is a flavourless extract of rosemary that  protects against fat oxidation, rancidity, and colour decomposition while allowing for a clean label. Available in liquid or powder form, its versatility and low usage rates make it perfect for both small batch, and bulk production.  Available only from Malabar. MORE

Gourmet Liquid Marinades
Liquid marinades with fabulous flavour, and ready-to-use convenience.  Transform the deli-case with European flair & excellent quality. MORE


Poor Quality Spices Cost Processors More          
Buying cheap spices means paying more - up to 25% more per pound of finished product. 

RAPS from Malabar
Spices, Seasonings & Functional Ingredients Meet European Quality & Innovation
for Better Products & Lower Total Seasoning Costs


Call 1-888-456-6252 [MALA], or email info@malabarsuperspice.com.

Gourmet Liquid Marinades are manufactured by Raps GmbH and distributed in Canada by Malabar Super Spice

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